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Durch die Nutzung dieser Website stimmen Sie den Regeln und Bedingungen der Website zu. Die Regeln sollten von der Verwaltung der Website ausgegeben werden. Sie können geändert, ergänzt und auf der Website veröffentlicht werden. Unkenntnis entbindet den Benutzer nicht von der Verantwortung.

Used terms

Site - (site) or other site using site program code or is functionally related with this site.

User can be individual, who in his name or in name of other person is using the site.


Der Zweck der Website besteht darin, eine effektive und qualitative Kommunikation zwischen den Benutzern zu fördern sowie Möglichkeiten für Benutzer zu fördern, sich in der realen Welt zu treffen. Der Zweck der Site kann auf solche Trends erweitert werden.

Prinzipien und Regeln

  1. Prinzip der Ehrlichkeit - jeder Benutzer zeigt ehrlich seine Wünsche bei der Nutzung dieser Website, um keine Missverständnisse von anderen Benutzern zu erzeugen. Dieser Grundsatz ist jeweils nach Grundsätzen der Gerechtigkeit zu beurteilen. Der Benutzer sollte die erforderlichen Informationen ehrlich und entsprechend der tatsächlichen Situation bereitstellen.
  2. Fairness principle - user should provide honest information and is fair with other users. Lies and malignancy are prohibited.
  3. Confidentiality principle - in the site collected personal information which is said to be confidential will be saved confidentially and can be given away after consent of user.
  4. Hate and violence promotion prohibition principle - there should be prohibited all kind of promoting hate and violence.
  5. Principle of mutual dignity - users in their communication should be polite. You should not answer to rudeness or answer to the message polite.


  1. Unclaimed information
    1. Prohibited unauthorized scanning of the site. These actions can lead to ban of the IP address.
    2. It is prohibited to use functionality of site to send other users information, which mismatch the purpose of the site.
    3. Only administration of the site have rights to send such information.
  2. Prohibition to do prohibited actions
    1. It's prohibited using site functionality to commit a crime. The content of prohibited message content can be controlled by site administration.
  3. Photo adding
    1. It's prohibited to add photo of other person or photo in which user cannot be identified. If there in photo can be seen more than one person, you should identify yourself.
    2. It's prohibited to upload to site any pictures without user on them. There can be made exceptions within site policy.
    3. It's prohibited to include into photos unauthorized advertisement.
    4. It's prohibited to add to site photo to which copyrights belongs to any other person. By adding such photo, all responsibility goes to this user. After first request all information about user will be submitted to authorized institutions to identify him or her.
  4. Unauthorized advertisement
    1. It's prohibited to release in the site unauthorized advertisement.
    2. It's prohibited to advertise in site unauthorized web sites.


The user who breaks the rules can be banned. The final decision always lays on administration. User should be fully materially responsible for the tort, that he or she has committed.


By adding the photos to the site, user gives property rights of author to the files which are on server while they are on the server to the owners of site, and technical personal has rights to use them - modify them, let other individuals paying for this or for free to get them in their data carriers, like cell phones and other devices. These rights user gives to the site without return (for free). If user doesn't agree this rule, site gives to user rights not to add his or her photo in the site.

Change of rules

The changes of rules should be published on the site. User has duty to be informed constantly about changes. Every session will be considered to be made knowing, understanding and agreeing to the actual rules of the site.

Applicable jurisdiction

To these rules and all legal aspects that arise from using this site, will be applicable jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia. All civil cases should be solved in accordance with law.

If you want to resolve a dispute that complies with Regulation (EU) No 524/2013, please contact us by e-mail [email protected] or by mail, by sending an application to Apes iela 5a-49, Riga, Latvia, LV-1039. About us: SIA Incrinity, Reg.No. 40103828241, phone +37129211622, address Apes iela 5a-49, Riga, LV-1039, e-mail [email protected]. Online dispute resolution platform

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